How to make that money!

Guest blog post by Fantasia Shakes

I have been stripping for four years, and the number one question I get asked is, “How do I get guys to buy a dance?”. And the answer is that you have to feel and look like money. How you carry yourself, your personal style, and your conversational skills will decide how much men will spend on you. We are all victims to advertising. Would you want to buy what you’re selling?

First, find what works for you. Try out different styles of clothes, makeup, and hair at work. Stick with the one that feels the most natural for you. I base my entire aesthetic on putting in the least amount of effort as possible. I wear a basic push up bra and thong that are easy to take off and put back on again. H&M sell great sets that can look more expensive than they actually are in the club lights.

I stick to the same makeup and hair routine, so I can sleep as late as possible before I go into work. I keep my Pleaser heels on rotation to minimize wear, and keep my basics looking funky. Once you find the look that you feel most comfortable in, you will be more relaxed and confident.

Carry yourself like you are the hottest girl in the club. Find a pair of Pleasers that will do the work for you. Make sure they fit properly, compliment your legs and ankles, and show off your toes (keep yourself open to the world of foot fetish). Record yourself walking on your cell phone so you can make adjustments. Everyone will always be watching you. Smiling and using eye contact with every man that looks your way, is like handing over your business card. They will remember you, and they will remember you in a positive way.

Finally, make sure to tell men how great you are. Tell them you are the best woman in the club. Steer the conversation towards sexy topics and club activities. This will make it easy to bring up drink sales, lap dances, and VIPs. If you get an immediate no, stick around and make a little small talk to break the ice. Sometimes all it takes is one good joke to win the customer over.

If he wants to wait, tell him you are a wanted dancer, and won’t be available later. Tell him that you picked him, and want to dance for him now. There is no such thing as an over confident stripper. Being shy and holding back will only pull in the time wasters. Walk and talk like you are the number one at your club, and you will make that money.

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