Club Conversations

I get it, sometimes it can be intimidating talking to beautiful women but there are certain things that us strippers are tired of hearing.

I like to play stripper bingo in my head whenever a customer says something predictable (even when he thinks it’s original and hilarious). Trust me, I’ve heard it a thousand times before.

Here are my Top 10 conversation killers:

1.What’s your REAL job?

Believe it or not buddy, this is what I do for a living. No I don’t want to be saved and In fact I don’t like you very much at all.

2. How much money do you make?

How many other strangers have you asked this question? Probably not very many because it’s rude.

3. Come on, tell me your real name!

Sure Pete! Lemme’ just give you my phone number and home address so we can hang out all the time!

4. How about you pay me , and I’ll bring YOU for a dance?!

I hear this multiple times a night, it wasn’t funny the first time, it’s not funny now so just get your wallet out and let’s go.

5. What are you doing after work?

Probably eating left over noodles and spooning my cat. I’m definitely not going anywhere with you!

6. How about I take you out for dinner some time?

NO NO NO! You’re not understanding this whole situation. I want money, then I can buy my own dinner without you being there.

7. Oh it’s all about the money with you huh?

YESSSSS! Finally, Of course I am here for the money because this is my JOB.

8. I’m ok, just came here for a drink.

Oh you mean you came here for a free show? Fantastic!

9. You’re too pretty to be doing this!


10. This job must be so degrading for you.

You know what’s degrading? This conversation. Go away!

Please use this information wisely and tip the stripper closest to you!

Do you feel personally attacked by this blog post? Please visit the contact section to get in touch.

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