Dressing for your body type

Yesterday I created a poll on Instagram and you lovely guys and gals casted your votes! The results are in and today’s blog post is all about dressing for your body shape at the club! This can vary depending on your clubs dress code.

DISCLAIMER: This is just a guideline, of course you can wear whatever it is that makes you feel like a boss ass bitch! I have made this post with comfort and practicality in mind and I am in no way trying to body shame anyone.

We all come in different shapes and sizes! Big boobs, small boobs, long legs, short legs the list goes on. If you’re unsure about your body shape you can check out this guide.

All of the outfits featured on today’s blog are from some of my favourite stores and are suitable for all budgets. So, in the words of Regina George – “Get in loser, we’re going shopping”.

Banana (straight / rectangular)

I paired this entire outfit from Penny’s (Primark) and the total price came to just under €20. Penny’s is a great store to get something cheap, last minute and they’ve really upped their lingerie game. I chose this set as the cups and detail can create the illusion of a curvier figure.

Pear (Upward Triangle)

This whole set including jewellery from Boohoo came to approx €24! Pear body shapes tend to have narrower shoulders and a smaller bust so the halter top would look very flattering. This cheeky red number is also completely backless!

Apple (Downward Triangle)

This next set is on the more expensive side and is from Ann Summers. The outfit comes to a total of €64 (excluding garter belt). It’s important to wear a supportive bra when you’ve got a bigger bust. The garter belt can be used to hide your middle section if it’s something you’re conscious about. I think that Ann Summers quality is fantastic, I still have some bras that I bought 4 – 5 years ago!

Hourglass ( Inward Triangles )

This stunning bodysuit from Yandy is $39.99 (Approx €34). It’s perfect for an hourglass figure as the bottom highlights a small waist. You can always pair with a bra for extra bust support! I have a bodysuit similar to this and I love going braless because it’s less effort getting dressed.

I hope you enjoyed our little shopping trip today. Drop your favourite lingerie stores in the comment section!

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