A woman’s guide to the strip club

The strip club isn’t just for men, sometimes we get the ladies in too. Some are on a girls night out, some are accompanying their men and others want to enjoy a dance or two for themselves!

Are you a woman who is confused about the correct strip club etiquette? Don’t worry, because I’m here to break down the Do’s and Dont’s while enjoying your time at the club.

DO ✔️

Be polite to the dancers 

I get it, the strip club can be intimidating for everyone, especially if it’s your first time visiting. Part of our job is to be nice to you so relax and be friendly!

Do encourage your male friends to buy dances 

If you’re not into buying dances that’s totally fine but do encourage your friends. There’s nothing worse than seeing a group of people drinking in the corner of a strip club. There’s plenty of regular bars you can do that in!

Do ask if it’s ok to touch 

Some women think that all rules go out of the window for them when they’re getting a dance. Remember, consent is for everyone and it’s really not ok to try and touch / grab / spank a dancer without asking.

Do tip your dancer 

Are you enjoying a sexy stage show or have you had a life changing lap dance ? Show your dancer by tipping. We don’t get paid for just being at work so we really appreciate it when we get a nice tip.


Don’t get jealous

The strip club is not the right place for that. The only thing we want from your man is his wallet.

Don’t play on the poles

It’s not cute, it’s not safe and dancers find it really annoying. Just don’t do it.

Don’t wear stripper heels

No, we aren’t worried you’ll upstage us and personally I don’t find it offensive but it looks very silly. Imagine wearing a chef hat to a restaurant? Exactly…

Don’t talk badly about dancers

It may be loud in here but we can hear you. Again, just be friendly and relax.

Do you want to find out more information about how to behave at the strip club? Check out: How to not be a dick in a strip club by Jacq the Stripper.

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