TABOO Pole Show

Today’s blog post is on something so close to my heart, My first born child, Taboo Pole show. It all started about two years ago when I was still working as a dancer in Galway City. There wasn’t much opportunity to showcase my pole skills outside of working in strip clubs and I was slowly falling out of love with dance. I wanted to show off my creativity on a bigger stage in front of a different audience and so I decided to set up my own event.

From the beginning it was important for me to only hire professional dancers with experience working in the entertainment industry. I wanted our audience to come away from our show happy after seeing a line up of jaw dropping performances and it was equally important to create a safe space for all of our acts to be unapologetically sexy while on the stage.

I created a group on Facebook and added every exotic/stripper style pole dancer that I could think of. It was a mixed bag of pole dance studio owners, experienced performers, pole dance competitors and exotic dancers that I had met from working at the club.

Leanne Cummins – Anti Valentines Ball

The response I received from the Facebook group was amazing! Everyone seemed so excited to perform and showcase their talent at a sexy pole dance event as these gigs are pretty scarce in Ireland at the moment. (Outside of private showcases in pole dance studios of course!).

Although our show focuses on exotic pole dance we have also had extremely talented burlesque and drag performers grace our stage. We are always open to hiring acts that are deemed to be a bit too risqué or ‘taboo’ (See what I did there?).

Original image by Jass Foley

In the weeks that followed I had found the perfect venue and began brainstorming ideas and promoting the show online. I had no idea how much work was needed for making sure our event was a success and I found myself sort of thrown in at the deep end. I was so busy between teaching at the studio, working at the club and choreographing my own performance for the night. Luckily my brother was able to help out with graphic design and created a beautiful image to print and use for online advertising. Check out the above image featuring the extremely talented Arlene Caffrey.

In that time frame I had also met up with an old friend who had relocated to Galway City. We grabbed a drink and bonded over a similar interest in producing a show of our own. We began bouncing ideas off of each other and Domino Tiagi became the resident host of TABOO.

Domino also became my rock in times of stress. He knew exactly what to do and say when my mind started over analyzing and picking things apart. To this day he is one of the most talented and creative people I have ever met. I count myself lucky to have him as a business partner and I couldn’t imagine the show without him!

Domino Tiagi – Beach Please!

Over the last year we have had two sell out shows in Galway city and have had the opportunity to travel and perform in Dublin City and at the Kerry International Tattoo Convention.

We are now preparing for our biggest show yet at Monroes Live on November 2nd. It will be an 80s themed event jam packed with the best 80’s classics, games, live pole dancing performances and a spot prize for best audience costume on the night. Tickets can be purchased through the Monroes website online or at the door. (I advise buying online as our shows tend to fill up fast).

Taboo Pole Show – Back to the 80’s

If you’d like to keep up to date with future shows you can like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram. Tickets for our upcoming show can be purchased here.

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