Interview with Mighty

Today’s interview is with Mighty, a dancer from the States. I discovered the talented performer while watching a VICE documentary where Mighty and her fellow dancers were described as “The Magic Mike club for dominant lesbian dancers”. You can check out the video here.

I thought the concept of a strip club for the LGBTQ community was so cool as there is nothing like that available in Ireland (that I know of, if there is please tell me 😂) and so I set out to get in contact with Mighty and ask her all of the questions I’m sure you’re dying to know!

Hey Mighty! Great to chat with you, could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself ?

Im 27 and I enjoy entertaining women distracting them from the stressors they may be enduring or adding positivity towards what already exists in their life. 

When and how did you start dancing?

I started YouTube when I was 16 in high school as a distraction from my stressors.

Do you dance for men or is it strictly women only?

Strictly Women

What is like dancing for women (I’ve only danced for a handful of women in my time stripping).

Oh my god I love it just seeing their reactions and being watched as I move is amazing.

What challenges do you face in your line of work ?

Basic human challenges we all face, negative entities waiting for you to fail.

What can be done to tackle these challenges?

Staying aware. Above the influence. Surrounding yourself with people who have the same mindset as you positive wise.

What do you love the most about stripping?

Distracting the women from their stressors.

Are you currently working for an agency or do you work alone ?

Well after my honest interview I got cut from one but I am affiliate with a lgbtq club that goes by the name the Lyfe lounge. (@thelyfelounge)

Do you think their is a market for a club for LGBT dancers? If so, would you open your own?

Yes there is a market you just have to look in the correct places. I know from experience because of the Lyfe lounge.

Are you working on any projects at the moment ?


Would you ever tour outside of the US?

Yes!!!! Passport ready! Hahaha

You can keep up to date by following Mighty on Instagram (@miterrez). Do you have a concept or idea for the blog? Post your thoughts in the comment section below.

One thought on “Interview with Mighty

  1. I saw that honest interview, and immediately knew I had to google you to see what repercussions there were for your honesty. Men absolutely can not handle your truth. I’m so glad you found somewhere else to go do your thing. You really are amazing. Maybe someday I’ll get lucky and be able to see one of your shows live. The world (women) need you and everything you bring to the table. We NEED safe sensual experiences by women FOR women. I hope to be able to follow your work, and benefit from the honesty that you are putting out into the world. Thank you for your performance art. You are important.

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