5 Tips for having a great night at the club

Hello friends! I thought it was about time to do a strip club related post seeing as that’s why I started the blog in the first place (lol!)

I’ve had a weird few weeks coming off of my medication and talking about mental health on the blog was very therapeutic. Thanks for hanging in there and supporting me. ❤️

Tonight I’m sharing my 5 top tips for having a great night at the club (can also be applied to other walks of life). Keep on reading to find out more…

1.Wear appropriate but comfortable clothing

Sometimes we buy outfits that are smoking hot but end up being sooo uncomfortable! Do not wear them to work, I repeat, DO NOT WEAR THEM TO WORK!

It doesn’t matter how good it looks while you’re standing still, if you feel uncomfortable and you’re constantly pulling and picking at yourself for the whole night it will probably affect your confidence. I have so many outfits that I just cannot wear at the club because they don’t support my boobs or give me a serious case of the wedgies. Just keep those ones for the bedroom instead, they won’t be on for long anyway! 🔥

2. Wear comfortable heels

I don’t care what anyone says , nightclub heels are not appropriate for strip clubs and I see a lot of new dancers making this mistake. It’s worth your while investing in stripper heels, brands like Pleaser are designed for dancers. They have a chunky platform and cushioning in the foot bed, plus they’re literally designed to withstand hours of dancing and will last a lot longer. If you really want to wear fashion heels I suggest going for a chunky or block heel. Trust me, your feet and back will thank you for it.

3. Check yourself

One of the hardest parts about dancing is staying positive when the night is falling to shit! I’ve had nights where there has been little to no customers in and the ones that have graced us with their presence are rude or uninterested. Understandably, when that happens all I want to do is scream, cry, go home or all of the above! If you’re feeling the pressure of a slow night it’s important to take yourself aside and give yourself the best damn pep talk known to man. Go and have a cigarette, a drink or chat with someone who makes you laugh and then get back out there AND MAKE THAT MONEY!

4. Don’t get too drunk

Look we’ve all been there but it’s important to learn from our mistakes. Getting hammered will only affect your money, judgement and make you sick the next day. Know your limits and sip as much water as possible in between drinks to stay hydrated. Also this will help you avoid getting in trouble with management! (Oops I’ve been there once or twice lol).

5. Stay away from negativity

Protecting your energy at work is so important and if your anything like me, other peoples bad moods can rub off on you easily. Stay away from bitching and negative talk otherwise you’ll end up drained and tired. Something I’ve learned over the years from working in sales is that nobody wants to buy from someone in a bad mood and negativity is contagious. Stay away from rude customers and surround yourself with positive people at the club and you’ll be more likely to have fun at work.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post , please let me know if you’d like similar posts by commenting below! Wishing you all a weekend full of happiness and abundance.

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