5 Tips For Finding Your Pole Style

Hello friends! 👋🏼 I’ve been reflecting a lot on my pole journey lately and it inspired me to write todays blog post. There are so many genres in pole dance today and I can totally understand why some new polers might feel overwhelmed when starting out. I have been dancing for many years and it’s […]

Pole Performing

*since I first thought about writing this blog post I managed to sprain both of my ankles so I won’t be performing for a while lol.* Hey Everyone! I’ve been thinking about writing this blog post for a while now, It’s currently 6am, I can’t get comfortable enough to sleep and thought that this would […]

Body Confidence

Hey Friends! I’m currently writing this blog from bed as I recover from a stomach virus. I’ve had some time to rest and reflect and to also think about a topic for todays blog post. Over the last few months I’ve had a lot of questions in my inbox along the lines of “How are […]

Cut Off Point

Today’s blog is tough to write , I might get some backlash from family members or people who think my decisions are selfish or unkind. I’ve been dancing around writing this for months but it’s a really important subject for me and I know that I’m not alone. Today I want to talk about ending […]

Medicated Me

This blog is based on my own personal experience and is not meant to influence anyone in relation to taking medication. Please talk to your doctor before starting, changing or stopping prescribed medication. I’ve had such a long journey with my mental health in such a short time on this earth. Maybe some issues are […]